Saturday, October 4, 2008

Why We Support WLT-US Cosanga Valley Project

We've chosen the Cosanga Valley Project to support with our ACEO donation to save the rainforest. The Cosanga Valley area is located in Ecuador. Ecuador ihas one of the richest biodiversity nations in the world!

Many of the Cosanga Valley plant species are restricted to this area. Some of the plant varieties include a rich array of orchids, ferns, bromeliads and trees. Some of the animal species of the Cosanga Valley region include the mountain tapir, ocelot, puma and spectacled bear.

Cosanga Valley is also home ot more than 30 species of hummingbirds. This area of Ecuador is also home to 310 unique bird species, some of which are very rare. Two of the rare bird species are the Peruvian Antipitta and the Bicolored Antivireo. the Cosanga Valley is also home to the "San Isidro Owl" that is regularly found only this specific region of the world.

This is an area of rainforest conservation identified by World Land Trust as a great need. We hope that by contributing our creative and monetary efforts, our group of wonderfully dedicated ACEO artists will be able to save a large parcel of this endangered land, and it's many unique, beautiful and endangered species. Watch for news of the Quilt auction, and you can bid to help our cause while acquiring a beautifully handcrafted one of a kind fine art quilt.