Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Slumbering Dormouse" - Gougepaintings

TITLE: Slumbering Dormouse
ARTIST: Julie Gouge
EBAY ID: Gougepaintings

Why I'm using my creativity to save the rainforest ...

As earthly guardians of this world we must tread lightly, or else all that we will be known for in the future are the deep, destructive, ugly footprints we have left behind. Down through history, species have come and gone. This is normal. It is the natural cycle of life on earth. However we, mankind, should not hasten this natural progression through our thoughtlessness and greediness.

If we are not careful we just might end up hastening our own destruction. Unlike other animals of this great, green planet, we alone have the ability to destroy our world. We are intelligent. We have the capacity to reason. We alone have the ability to recognize our careless destruction and strive to reverse it. We should not be the cause for the extinction of other species. Nature will see to that. When we are gone, our footprints on this earth should be no deeper than any other species that have passed into history.

This is why I am proud to be an artist whose work is represented on the Endangered Species Quilt. Hopefully, the beauty and symbolism of the quilt will encourage others to tread lightly and to strive to bring healing to the earth.