Friday, October 3, 2008

"The Panther" - julesstudio

TITLE: The Panther
EBAY ID: julesstudio
ARTIST: Cheryl Ann Buckman

Why I'm using my creativity to save the Rainforest:

It is so hard to put into words the emotions that are felt when you see and hear about animals losing their habitat due to the growth of man. If I can do anything to counteract the damage I am doing to our planet then I have to do it. I, along with everyone else, have done something that has caused the changes in our system. From not recycling, to using to many non recyclable products, I feel it is every ones responsibility to do what ever they can in order to make a change before it is to late. I am happy that one small thing I can do will contribute to helping the Rain Forrest to survive a little longer.